加拿大汽车服务中心定金支付系统- Canada Auto Center WorldWide Deposit System                                           

It is fast, simple and safe by PayPal, WesternUnion or Canadian Banks if you are in Canada, USA or other countries


Just go to any one of the bank branch in your local city for the deposit. OR you may call TD, RBC or CIBC bank

and pay it online.(CIBC can only by email transfer, See NOTE below for bank accounts details)

(Note: In order to pay the deposit, you need to know the payee's name AND he/she's account number)

 NOTE: Canadian Bank Accounts Information 


TD Canada Trust (Toronto-Dominion Bank ) Bank Account:      

  (note: bank web: )

WHAT:   Account Number: 9463 0926 6244942    (note: 9463 is branch number)

WHO:     JIN DE XING  (JIN DE is the first name; XING is the last name)

WHERE:     4630 Kingsway Ave, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5H 4L9;  Tel: 604 654


CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Bank Account:                    (note: bank web: )

WHAT:  Account Number: 00410 5896185                                                     (note: 00410 is branch number)

WHO:    JIN DE XING  (JIN DE is the first name or given name; XING is the last name or surname)

WHERE:    4755 Kingsway , Burnaby, BC, Canada V5H 4W2;  Tel: 604 665 1379


RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Bank Account Information:                       (note: bank web: )

WHAT:  Account Number: 7360 - 5292024                                                (note: 7360 is branch number)

WHO:    SHENG QIAO ZHOU (SHENG QIAO is the first name or given name; ZHOU is the last name or surname)

WHERE:    611 - 650 West 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Z 2M9;   Tel: 604 713 9015



 2: By Email Transfer   

WHO:    VancouverHotel [at]   ( Please change [at] by @ )

 3: By Master, VISA Credit Cards  


 1: By TD, CIBC or RBC bank:  

if you are in Canada or you have a Canadian bank account (even you are not in Canada)

 2.1 By Master Card, VISA Card      注意危险!    不要将你的信用卡号码以及过期日期通过email发给我们, 

我们会通过电话向你索取   (基于信用卡个人信息的保护, 我们鼓励从加拿大银行支付, 见上面1项 )


联系我们   -   加拿大汽车服务中心  


Email:  CanadaAutoCenter [at]      


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