加拿大汽车俱乐部 - 买车, 学车, 驾车免费讲座课程提纲


1, Buying a new Car - 购车讲座(20分钟) 

1.1,  Vehicle type: Sedan, HB, Wagon, SUV, Minivan, Cargo, Truck,

1.2,  Key Spec of Car: liter, wheelbase, Speed, Fuel Consumption, Low maintenance.

1.3,  Car maker: GM, Chrysler, Ford. Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, VW, Benz, BMW

1.4,  How to buy a new car, process? what is the cost for that. How to pay?

1.5,  Some of new car function intro: Cruise control, ABS, SRS, GPS,

1.6:  Engine size, Accord ~ CR-V, Corolla - Matrix, BMW X3, X5, Odyssey, Vehicle usage.

1.6:  Need help for buying a car? refer to:

1.10, Buying a used Car 

1.10.1 Who will buy used car? Process, Cost? How to pay?

1.10.2 how to find a car history? Accident? Outside of BC?

1.10.3 how to find out the price for 2005 BMW X5? / What kind of used car is good for me?

1.10.4 how to check used car: refer to:

1.11 Car Insurance & Tax 汽车保险及消费税

Third party liability, Comprehensive, Basic Coverage, Collison, Loss of use, Specified Perils

Tax: now in BC, Both private and dealer sale, all tax is 12% HST of the sales volume.


2, Selling a Car 卖车讲座 (5分钟)

2.1, Advertisement /2.2,  Road test /2.3 Transfer Form & Vehicle Registration/

2.4 Aircare /2.5 Gift letter/ 2.4,Trade


3, Driver training - 学车讲座 (20分钟)

3.1, Driver license type, Chinese DL, CA DL.

3.2, < Road Sense >, Chinese book issue/ Pull over, back, into, off, away, out.

3.3, Knowledge test /English test, Chinese test.

3.4  DTC program intro: / Residence area, / Main road / Intersection skill / HWY skill /

3.5  Example:turn right-shoulder check/turn left on green light/change lane-

3.6, Road Test: Car check, Residence area, main road, HWY, Car handling,

3.7, Driver training quality control sheet (See attached page)


4, Car maintenance & Repair- 汽车保养/修理(20分钟)

4.1.1 Engine oil, 4.1.2, Coolant 4.1.3, Transmission oil;

4.1.4, Brake or Steering liquid

4.1.6 Washing fluid, 4.1.7 Tire, eg. 195/65/R15, 4.1.8 Battery

4.2.1 Car problem confirm (mechanic or electric?)

4.2.2 Mechanic Shop & Body Shop.

4.2.3 Maintenance & repair record.  4.2.4 car maintenance regularly


5 Question and Answer - 汽车故障/买卖问题答疑(15分钟)

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